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“Since making my decision to join the AmeriFirst Financial team, I’ve not had cause to look back.  In my first 90 days, 12 new home communities and several high-volume Realtor teams agreed to trust AmeriFirst with their reputations and home purchasers.   Our operational model at AmeriFirst is unencumbered by typical large banking bureaucracy.   This system provides loan officers and referral partners direct access to our local underwriters and processors – – this is very atypical in our industry and is central to AmeriFirst’s success.  We continually deliver formal loan approvals far sooner than our competition.  Each high-volume referral partner who has examined our value proposition and unique partnership with ePropertySites has readily partnered with our team.  Additionally, an aggressive compensation plan has accelerated our New Homes Division growth.  Growing from a team of two to nine highly competent mortgage professionals we proudly have a team that has 12-25+ years of mortgage banking and loan origination experience.”…

Doug S.California

ew like buttonWhen faced with choosing which direct lender to represent, my choices were overwhelming.  I ultimately selected AmeriFirst Financial, Inc.  I can now say with 100% confidence that it was the best decision I could have made.  After researching many other companies, I found other lenders did not have the superior tools, or more importantly, the finely-tuned staff that goes “far above and beyond” for both Borrowers and Loan Officers.  In my first six months with AmeriFirst, my team and I have funded 102 loans for over $30 million.  The AmeriFirst operations team made my transition into the company incredibly smooth.   Their entire loan process from Processing to Funding is straight-forward and highly efficient.   This allows me the time to master our innovative marketing tools which helps me build my business even further.   My thanks to AmeriFirst for such remarkable help and support!

Nick D.California

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We just finished refinancing our home with Steve Rude.  He was professional, efficient and made the process easy.  We had unsuccessfully tried to refinance our home several times with other large banks and institutions yet Steve was able to make it happen and make it happen quick ! We would give Steve Rude and AmeriFirst Financial our highest recommendation.

Google UserCalifornia

ew like buttonAmeriFirst is excellent at what they do and I love it all.  I am blown away by the continued support I now have with this company… I just need more hours in the day to handle all the great business I have now!

Christine F.California

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As a first time home buyer, I was TERRIFIED.  Then, I was introduced to AmeriFirst.  They have answered my 1000000 questions right away and made this process simple and almost, GASP, easy!  =)  A special thanks to Karen Moon and Abbey Moon for all of this!

Google UserArizona

ew like buttonIn the last quarter of 2012 I went through a lot of changes on both a personal and professional level.   As a result, I wanted take a step back and carefully reevaluate where I stand from a work perspective.  I began researching many different mortgage companies.  After a few weeks of research, I came to the following important conclusion:  There may be other companies that can close loans on time (much like AmeriFirst can) but no other company has the myriad of tools that AmeriFirst has to support their Loan Officers and their esteemed business partners!

AnaMaria S.California

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In my first few months with AmeriFirst, I was readily impressed with their team.  Their commitment to make my transition from a previous company, staying on top of all matters and providing tools to generate new business showed their dedication to “make things happen” for me.  From management to processing, underwriting, docs, funding and everyone in between; AmeriFirst truly cares.  Sometimes I wonder if the team is paid a huge extra commissions – – because I can’t believe how dedicated they all are!

Dave S.California

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Karen was with me from start to finish. Communication was great and we love our new home!

Google UserArizona

ew like buttonWith the support that I have at my back here at AmeriFirst Financial, Inc., I’ve been able to elevate my purchase business to a new higher level.   My previous companies could not have assisted me to service the 30+ Realtors I now serve here at AmeriFirst.    I owe a huge thanks to my team for the tremendous support that has allowed me to grow my business so successfully.

Allen R.California

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Ricky Khamis and his team (Nick Barbison) are the best mortgage team I Have Ever Used In The Last 20years. His Team Keep us informed thru the Lending process the entire way I Highly Recommend His TEAM!

Google User Arizona